My husband and I had been talking about trying Angelle’s coaching sessions for some time. We were always lazy about it even though my husband had been told he was pre-diabetic and we always said “eventually we will give it a try”. Then in Oct of 2012 I was diagnosed with cervical cancer, and after recovering from my surgery we realized that we needed to make some serious changes. We are both way too young to be having such serious health issues. It is important to us that we both stay as healthy as possible so we can be here to watch our 2 beautiful boys grow up. Taking the reality check we had been given seriously, we decided it was time to stop talking and actually start doing. This has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. Angelle is phenomenal at what she does. She breaks down all of the information so it is not overwhelming. Making the change to REAL food is a big one, but she never made us feel like we were doing anything but what was exactly right for our family. She understands that each family is different and each family’s budget is different. Each session was a specific topic tailored to our family and she always had encouraging things to say about the changes we were making. She has been an incredible resource for us as well. Not only did she give us the steps we needed to get there, but she helped us find the right places to buy REAL food. My family has more energy and we are all sleeping better at night. For the first time since I can’t remember when, I actually feel healthy. She has helped us to instill new good habits that will benefit our 2 boys as they grow up. She has helped change my family for the better and I will always be grateful to her for taking us on this journey.
— Meghann Schaefer, Mom of 2, Michigan
When I met Angelle I was at a point in my life where I was at a loss of what to do. My allergies were overwhelming me and zapping my energy and affecting my job as a yoga and Pilates teacher. I have a nutrition background and have helped many people lose weight and become healthier through exercise for the last eight years. Yet, I was at a loss on how to solve my own problems, though I ate a very healthy balanced diet and exercised many hours per week I still had a weight problem, allergies and terrible PMS. When I first had a consultation with Angelle I had a gut feeling that she was a key to helping me with my fatigue and weight gain. Even as I wrote the check to Angelle I was questioning why I was signing up for the program! It was a good thing that I did. Not only did we solve my problems, food sensitivities to dairy and wheat, which was confirmed by a blood test from my allergist. I started losing my bloated feeling and weight started dropping off, I had a lot more energy and less allergy symptoms and best of all no PMS. Angelle doesn’t only deal with your food issues, she gets you to dig into all other aspects of your life and then makes you come up with a plan to change things, and then you have to report back to her at your next meeting. It’s a good thing that you always get recipes, gifts and other handouts at each meeting, she’s tough! By the time you have finished your program you will love quinoa and greens! Have more energy and feel better about yourself.
— Michelle Place, Yoga & Pilates Teacher, Michigan
Angelle inspired me to make some decisions about special days in my room. She first helped me set up a Naturally Red Foods Tasting Table as a Valentine’s Day activity and worked closely with me as I explained the goal to parents. I was excited about the results, the positive responses from families and knowing I was modeling good choices for my students. The classroom party was so calm without unnecessary refined sugar! The kids were thrilled to try something different. It went so well that I have made it a point to make every classroom party a time where we try some sort of recipe that includes nutritious choices instead of opening up the food donations to whatever snacks people wanted to send. After the celebrations, I send home a recipe card so that children can “cook” at home and simple, nutritious recipes make it into the hands of the parents. Overall, these have been extremely positive experiences.
— Michelle Zielinski, Kindergarten Teacher, Mom of 2
Working with you was a game changer for us. The best thing you told me was to change one thing a week and all the changes will add up. So much has changed in our home, basically everything. I even now take food to family events, babysitters or feed them before we leave. You also empowered me to start the conversations with my young children about good foods and choices. You also are always so willing to help with your resources. I never felt like you were telling us what to do but rather you gave us the important information to make educated choices. When my husband is done with his residency program, I plan on doing the program in NY to educate myself for my family and hopefully others in the future. Thank you for all you do, you truly have changed our lives for the better!
— Erica El-Alayli, Mom of 4, Michigan
I highly recommend Angelle as a coach. She helped me to restart my aniti-candida diet and she made it so much easier and enjoyable for me to stick to. I also worked with her to transform my family´s diet. I banned sugar and processed foods from the house and with Angelle’s help I was able to introduce changes gradually and become really good at meal and snack planning! The whole process became fun for the kids and Angelle has some great ideas and teaching tools to get kids excited about healthy food. With Angelle’s help I have turned my and my family´s diet around. The coaching sessions have really been priceless as they resulted in such a positive impact on my family’s health.
— Anna Laugeseen, Mom of 2, Spain
I learned so very much from your classes. You have a lot I knowledge and can answer any question thrown at you. You are a wife and mom, as well as a very real and sincere person. It was very easy and comfortable to learn from you as it is obvious that this is a passion and you truly care for the health and welfare of other families. After learning from you, I feel 100% confident in the knowledge and power I have. My family’s REAL food eating (and my weight loss) was at a plateau until I took your classes. Now we are all on our way to a happier healthier life!
— Jess Thompson, Mom of 2, Michigan
Angelle, I had to write you and THANK YOU!!!!! I just got back from Dr. Savage’s office this morning. In less than a year, I am completely off of all diabetes medications. My test results were AMAZING, even with a few Christmas indulgences. I can’t tell you how grateful I am that I found you online when I did. You have saved my life, Angelle! I’m tearing up a bit while I write this because you really have no idea how desperate I was in Feb. of 2012. It’s a miracle- really! The impact you have made on my life is immeasurable! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
— Deb Whitson, Mom of 3
The benefits I received from Angelle’s program were much farther reaching then I had initially considered. In addition to being very knowledgeable about food and nutrition, Angelle is also very caring, kind and perceptive. Her “whole person, whole life” approach to eating and nutrition is exactly what I needed to put food in perspective in my life. The diet and eating habits of my whole family have greatly improved thanks to Angelle. Her continued encouragement and support is wonderful and greatly appreciated.
— Deb Carmack, Mom of 2, Michigan
I want to thank you for being someone I could turn to during this weight loss journey. I’m not sure you realize how instrumental your knowledge was. I got second place losing the most weight at 34 pounds and winning $500! I just wanted to thank you for everything you did to help change my life!!
— Rachelle Seguin, Mom of 2, Michigan
Hope! Feeling supported when I felt so alone was invaluable. Feeling unconditional acceptance and pondering gentle “what ifs” made our desperate, extreme food sensitivities more tolerable. Knowing someone genuinely cared and truly wanted to help gave me the courage to refocus and plan a new path.
— Jen Mamer, Mom of 2, Michigan
Angelle was mind-blowing without being overwhelming! I was truly pleased, both as an organizer and as an audience member, with Angelle’s presentation on “What & How to Feed Your Child REAL Food for Great Health, Learning & Behavior”. Angelle’s approach to eating REAL food is realistic and she gave us tools to make it simple to implement better eating into our individual lifestyle needs. Her use of food props made a huge impact on the way I see food at the grocery store how I read labels. She took the time to listen to everyone’s concerns and gave honest input. I look forward to an opportunity to hear Angelle speak again.
— Bridget Favre, Mom of 2, Michigan
Thank you so much for coming out to Silver Springs Elementary (Northville, MI) in May of 2012! I am still reminded of your presentation when I see the kids talking about making good food choices! Just the other day one of our teachers said it was one of the best assemblies we’ve had. When you talked about REAL FOODS vs. FAKE FOODS and showed the amount of sugar in some popular foods marketed towards kids, I think that was really eye opening! Not only for the kids but for the parents too! Thank you again and we look forward to working with you sometime in the future!
— Tanya Murphy, President of PTA, Silver Springs Elementary, Michigan
Thank you so much for your presentation. We all benefited so much from the session both for the children we serve as well as personally. We are working towards healthy choices. My staff is very appreciative and thankful for such an informative presentation. They have the tools to reach out to the parents as well. It definitely was an important subject. I verbally asked my staff for their feedback and they were all very pleased and gained a lot of knowledge. I will definitely keep in touch. Thanks again.
— Ajano Perry, Director of Schoolhouse Montessori Academy, Michigan
I can honestly say that there are very few things my family and I have gone through that I am more grateful for than the help that Angelle has provided. Like a lot of other families we went through quite a bit of procrastination before we really knew it was time to change, but now that we have I can’t imagine it any other way. I think for a lot of people that have very specific issues that need to be taken care of or prevented it can be daunting just trying to find direction. I am/was pre-diabetic amongst other things, and my wife recently fought a successful battle with cervical cancer. We have 2 beautiful boys, 1 of which was 11 weeks premature. While we are truly blessed that both are happy and healthy we want to always do what is best for them and give them everything they need so they can make the best choices for themselves later in life. DO NOT WAIT. Preventative medicine is the best kind. To put it simply, there are 3 things that I believe that Angelle’s coaching has provided that are INDISPENSABLE: 1. Awareness – ignorance is NOT bliss. Knowing is half the battle (yes, I just quoted the G.I. Joe cartoon from the 80’s) and it is amazing just how quickly you will become aware of the benefits of REAL food. For myself, within a few short weeks, there was a measurable change. 2. Choice – Through awareness of just what your putting in your body and how it can help or hurt, there is an amazing sense of choice and freedom to make the RIGHT decisions for yourself and your family. Angelle not only gave us the choice but was amazing at helping us actually facilitate the choices we wanted to make and get us to place where we could easliy get REAL food. 3. Confidence – My family and I now have the confidence that we really are doing what’s best for us now and in the future. Angelle’s methods of crowding out the bad and step by step instruction made it easy to tackle and not overwhelming or difficult. It’s offered us piece of mind, which is priceless.
— Michael Schaefer, Dad of 2, Michigan
Angelle believes in me. She helps me believe I can feed my family better and gently pushes me not to get lazy with the food choices and food prep. It was very educational to go shopping with Angelle. She also helped me realize I need to ask for help – both from friends and family members – and to get my children to participate in food prep. I’d like a year-long program where we shop once a month and do food prep together once a month!
— Karol Otteman, MD, OB-gyn, mom of 3, Michigan
You are patient and understanding and never made me feel judged. I never felt like your ways were being PUSHED on me but instead you really respect each person’s place on their journey and you just want to help them take the next step in the right direction, whatever that is. You are a wealth of information. I don’t think there was a single question I asked that you didn’t at least have some info about. You also helped me get over my fear of coconut oil. :-)
— Karen Dec, Mom of 1, Michigan
I have known Angelle Batten in a variety of capacities for several years. She has taught me a great deal about nutrition. Most recently, she has come into Round Elementary School in Hartland to teach our kids and parents about putting more REAL food into our diets. Angelle is very organized and has a tremendous ability to relate her food talks to kids of all ages. Being a teacher herself, she understands the type of information that each grade level can handle in order to get her message across. I had great feedback from several parents saying how much their children were talking about it at home and wanting to eat more “Green Light” food! The parent discussion was titled Eating for Optimal Health, Eating and Behavior and was just as successful! She explained her One Easy System of Planning, Shopping and Prepping food to get families to eat more REAL food. Many parents thanked me for bringing in Angelle and helping them to realize the changes that they need to make within their own family to become healthier. With the amount of FAKE food that is available everywhere, every child (and parent) should be educated on what things to look out for. Angelle does this so well, we plan on having her back each year to expand our school’s education on healthy eating. I would highly recommend Angelle to come in to any school and share her knowledge.
— Stacey Newbold Colliton, Mom of 2, Michigan
My children have food allergies which has been difficult, although I have to say it has really refocused our family on eating the “real” foods. Vegetables used to be a big challenge for my kids, but after hearing a pep talk from Angelle at a MOMS Club workshop we simply changed our approach and made it the way we eat. No negotiations. My children were resistant at first and at dinner the other day my 6 year old son actually said to me, “I’m so glad you went to that class because I love eating the healthy food…it’s really yummy. We talk about training our taste buds, powerful proteins, colorful carbs, and all that good stuff. In fact, at Easter dinner he went through everyone’s plate and told them what all their powerful proteins, friendly fats, and colorful carbs were.
— Adrienne Garner, Michigan
When I decided to meet with Angelle, I was expecting to learn a new diet. I was focused on changing my body and making myself “skinny”. Luckily I didn’t find what I was looking for. Instead, I learned to enjoy and try different foods. I became aware of the importance of how my food is made and where it comes from. What was most surprising were the lessons I learned that weren’t related to food at all, rather a healthier lifestyle in general. For example, I’ve learned that in order to be healthy I need to slow down and relax more. Meeting with Angelle has affected my life in several areas. I am happier because I have learned to take care of myself inside and out.
— Sarah Killinger, Mom of 2, Michigan
Angelle traveled to my home which was over two hours away and shared so much wonderful information with my diverse group of friends. She answered all of our questions and was very open and honest with all of the questions that we had for her. I learned so many new things and had many other things reinforced. This type of session (Mom’s Night In) was terrific for getting us motivated to do something better for ourselves and our families.
— Meg Brake, Mom of 2, Michigan
You’re a very good listener. You don’t judge or give them impression that you judge people for where they are with their food choices. Sometimes it can be difficult to work with people who are in the field. I have enough knowledge to be dangerous and know I have much to learn (which is why I came to your classes.) I know I wasn’t always successful. You were very patient and kind with me. I really appreciate that about you.
— Bonnie Kussmaul, Mom of 2, Personal Trainer, Michigan
I thought I could never make any changes to Joey’s diet…much less knowing what to buy and getting him to eat it. If I had walked in to that store without any prior coaching and without my coach beside me, I would have been completely panicked! I learned so much by doing all 3 sessions and am looking forward to more in 2013 for myself! I am grateful to know you and I thank you so much for all of your help, Angelle.
— Carissa McKanna, Mom of 1, Michigan
Angelle’s classes were very helpful in getting a jump start on some lifestyle changes that are easy to make and very beneficial health-wise. Great practical advice that any family can adjust to. Lots of recipes and other resources that are helpful as well.
— Kara Orr., Mom of 4, Michigan
I liked the discussion about your approach to keeping your kids’ best interests foremost Also, that you are reasonable – you talk with your kids and extended family about what is important to you and why. Good communication without giving up what’s important to you – your kids and their health!
— Michelle L., Michigan
I highly recommend Angelle’s classes. I feel I have a better understanding of what “real foods” are and how to prepare healthy meals for my family that they will love!
— Jacqi Schaller, Mom of 2, Michigan
Seeing Angelle in her Nourish program was the best thing I could have done for myself. I had been learning a lot on my own but with our regular meetings/sessions Angelle provided me with concrete information that I could take home and put to immediate use. Angelle’s coaching made it possible for me to take bad habits and transform them into healthy well educated choices that are still with me a year later. She gave me the tools necessary to not only make better choices for myself but also to have an impact on my adult children and my grandchildren. I eat very little processed food, if any. I rarely go into the middle of a grocery store. I crave greens and they have become a staple in my life. My pantry shelves don’t have an endless life span, things move quickly. I am very conscious of what I eat. I love exploring in the kitchen.
— Jean, Michigan
Thank you so much. Really great information, more than I hoped for. Thank You!
— Gayle, Michigan
You are such a positive ray of light and your talk last night was inspiring and gave me the tools to get my stubborn husband on board.
— Kim Fletcher, Mom of 2, Michigan
Very good ideas – practical!
— Cindy A, Michigan
I have been the lucky recipient of lessons about making healthy eating choices taught by Angelle Batten to my second grade students. As an elementary school teacher, I know how critical good nutrition is to the learning process. Angelle is a dynamic educator who shares a wealth of important information in a fun, lively manner.

In one memorable activity, Mrs. Batten brought in bags of food items and, with the children, grouped them into categories as to whether the food was real, not real, or in-between. She actually taught them how to read food labels. My students learned a lot thanks to her hands-on approach and the way in which she involved them in the discovery process. It was an eye-opener for the children (and their teacher!) to realize that some of the food items sporting packaging covered with colorful fruits had nary a bit of fruit in it! The students really felt a sense of achievement at having uncovered some of the false advertising they now recognized.

Last year, at our Valentine’s Day party our class had an all-red food tasting party. Mrs. Batten organized it so that various parent volunteers sent in a variety of red fruits and vegetables from a list that she and the students had previously brainstormed together. On the day of the party, plates of bite-sized red fruits and vegetables were displayed attractively and each child was invited to be an Adventurous Eater. They loved the novelty and the challenge! Each student was given a checklist on which they indicated whether or not they chose to try the food and their personal preference rating. Most of the students happily partook of most of the offerings and were rightfully proud for living up to our expectations of them as Adventurous Eaters!

Angelle Batten’s passion for healthy eating, combined with her excellent communication, relationship, and teaching skills, makes her a dynamic presenter and a wise, supportive coach.
— Linda Hartley, Teacher, Mom of 2, Michigan