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No More Picky Eating

Picky Eaters. Ugh.

It’s amazing how draining it can be to have one {or more} in your family.

The good news is that you can grow an Adventurous Eater from scratch or transform a Picky Eater into an Adventurous one.

I’ve become really good at helping moms in this area.  It happened because I have three really Adventurous Eaters AND I’ve coached lots of moms who struggle with a Picky Eater.

They can be reformed.  Promise.

I want you to know about the science behind picky eating, the attitudes that support it and some practical ideas about how to change it.

First, you’ll want to make sure you pick up my

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Plus if you read through each of these blog posts, starting with the first one, and really take in the information and implement the ideas I know your Picky Eater will become less picky, and quite possibly downright Adventurous!

1.  I’m Getting Picky {About Your Picky Eater!}

2.  Take Those Picky Eater Taste Buds to School

3.  Picky Eater?  Please Don’t Say That Anymore.

4.  Bok Choy & Picky Eating

Remember to pick up my

FREE Adventurous Eating Guide HERE!


Angelle was mind-blowing without being overwhelming! I was truly pleased, both as an organizer and as an audience member, with Angelle’s presentation on What & How to Feed Your Child REAL Food for Great Health, Learning & Behavior. Angelle’s approach to eating REAL food is realistic and she gave us tools to make it simple to implement better eating into our individual lifestyle needs. Her use of food props made a huge impact on the way I see food at the grocery store how I read labels. She took …Bridget Favre, Mom of 2, Michigan
This has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. Angelle is phenomenal at what she does. She breaks down all of the information so it is not overwhelming. Making the change to REAL food is a big one, but she never made us feel like we were doing anything but what was exactly right for our family.
Meghann Schaefer, Mom of 2, Michigan
I have known Angelle Batten in a variety of capacities for several years. She has taught me a great deal about nutrition. Most recently, she has come into Round Elementary School in Hartland to teach our kids and parents about putting more REAL food into our diets. Angelle is very organized and has a tremendous ability to relate her food talks to kids of all ages. Being a teacher herself, she understands the type of information that each grade level can handle in order to get her message across.…Stacey Newbold Colliton, PTO President, Mom of 2, Michigan
Angelle, I had to write you and THANK YOU!!!!! I just got back from Dr. Savage’s office this morning. In less than a year, I am completely off of all diabetes medications. My test results were AMAZING, even with a few Christmas indulgences. I can’t tell you how grateful I am that I found you online when I did. You have saved my life, Angelle! I’m tearing up a bit while I write this because you really have no idea how desperate I was in Feb. of 2012. It’s a miracle- really! The impact you have ma…Deb Whitson, Mom of 3, Michigan
I want to thank you for being someone I could turn to during this weight loss journey. I’m not sure you realize how instrumental your knowledge was. I got second place losing the most weight at 34 pounds and winning $500! I just wanted to thank you for everything you did to help change my life!!Rachelle Seguin, Michigan, Mom of 2
Thank you so much for coming out to Silver Springs Elementary!  I am still reminded of your presentation when I see the kids talking about making good food choices!  Just the other day one of our teachers said it was one of the best assemblies we’ve had.  When you talked about REAL FOODS vs. FAKE FOODS and showed the amount of sugar in some popular foods marketed towards kids, that was really eye opening.  Not only for the kids but for the parents too!Tanya Murphy, PTA President, Spring Hills Elementary
I learned so very much from your classes. You have a lot I knowledge and can answer any question thrown at you. You are a wife and mom, as well as a very real and sincere person. It was very easy and comfortable to learn from you as it is obvious that this is a passion and you truly care for the health and welfare of other families.  After learning from you, I feel 100% confident in the knowledge and power I have. My family’s REAL food eating (and my weight loss) was at a plateau until I took yo…Jess Thompson, Mom of 2, Michigan
Angelle believes in me. She helps me believe I can feed my family better and gently pushes me not to get lazy with the food choices and food prep. It was very educational to go shopping with Angelle. She also helped me realize I need to ask for help – both from friends and family members – and to get my children to participate in food prep. I’d like a year-long program where we shop once a month and do food prep together once a month!Karol Otteman, MD, mom of 3, Michigan
You have really changed my family’s life for the better!Erica El-Alayli, Mom of 4, Michigan
I highly recommend coaching with Angelle. She helped me to restart my aniti-candida diet and she made it so much easier and enjoyable for me to stick to. I also worked with her to transform my family´s diet. I banned sugar and processed foods from the house and with Angelle´s help I was able to introduce changes gradually and become really good at meal and snack planning! The whole process became fun for the kids and Angelle has some great ideas and teaching tools to get kids excited about hea…Anna Laugeseen, Mom of 2, Spain