About Angelle

18 years ago Angelle Batten was struggling with sugar addiction, severe PMS and debilitating depression. While she initially chose to use conventional medicine to help herself, she intuitively knew that what she was experiencing would not be healed by taking prescription drugs. She decided to follow her gut and look deeper into why she was feeling such imbalance. 

Once Angelle opened up her mind and heart to true healing, she began to learn how to tune into her body and spirit to discover how to live a truly nourished life. Angelle dove into nutrition and holistic health and with the help of many mentors and guides, she’s embraced a holistic approach to health and deeply understands that physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health are woven together and all have to be addressed for true healing.

Angelle draws on her experiences, knowledge and skillful coaching to support women who are ready to create a sweeter life with a lot less sugar. A life they love waking up to each morning and are grateful for each evening. 

Angelle is the co-founder of The Nourish to Flourish Society. She is a teacher at heart, studying Elementary Education at the University of Detroit and earning her Master of Education Administration through Wayne State University. She taught in the classroom and worked as a literacy consultant and leader. She went on to study at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City. Angelle is a graduate of the year-long life coach training program Mentor Masterclass. She has coached thousands in person and through her highly recognized 14-Day Get REAL Challenge, which was adopted by New York Times Best Selling Author and Wellness expert, Jordan Rubin. Angelle has collaborated with Dr. Josh Axe and other leaders in the wellness industry. Angelle has been coaching since 2005. She lives in Hartland, Michigan with her husband, daughter, twin sons, a big black dog and two cats.