14 Day Get REAL Challenge

It's Time To Put You at the Top of your To Do List


Maybe you'd like to feed your family healthier but you're feeling too tired, too frumpy and too grumpy to do it every day? You are not the only busy mom (or dad) in that boat.

Working with thousands of moms over the last 10 years I/ve seen the same thing over and over.  We focus on everyone's health and happiness before our own. And, dads don't do much better in this area.

It's time to put YOU at the TOP OF YOUR TO DO LIST!  There's nothing selfish about investing time or money into your own health and happiness.  NOTHING. AT. ALL.

If you are craving caffeine and sugar and need it to get you through the day or you are carrying around extra weight or you turn into a crazy person with those hormones that are all over the map every month, not only are you paying a high price but your family is too. Your child wants a smiling parent who can get on the floor and build with blocks or jump on the trampoline, go for a bike ride, and be patient with him when he's having a hard time.  Imagine managing your home life happily more days than not.

Healthy, happy moms & dads are not only what our kids want, it's also what they need.  If we want our kids to grow up healthy and happy we have to show them what healthy and happy looks like. Think about how you want your child to remember you when she's grown and out of the house.  Happy and Healthy OR Grumpy and Frumpy?  It's not about perfection because there is no perfect mom or dad. It's about being the best you can be for yourself and for your family.

If you are feeling stuck and don't know where to start, I've got the perfect jump start to your health and happiness. Thousands of busy moms, dads, grandparents and teens have already completed the 14 Day Plan!


Before the cleanse I was eating on the run, in my car and taking in food for convenience or comfort instead of for health. My energy was so low I couldn’t even work out. The changes over the last 2 weeks are nothing short of amazing to me. I feel like a new person. I can’t believe I fasted for 3 days and I was fine!! My energy is amazing. I’ve started doing the burst fit training and I lost 10 lbs. I’ve learned so much about how to eat and want to continue to eat this way and help my family do the same. Thank you! -Hannah Cornell-Schroeder, Mom of 5

Before I did the cleanse I’d eat a ton of sweets and snack after 9 p.m. After the cleanse I’m not craving sugar AT ALL and don’t need to eat between meals or after 9 p.m. I lost 8 pounds. -Dr. Eric Mintz, Dad of 2

  • Weight Loss {3-15 pounds in 2 weeks!}
  • Increased Energy
  • Improved Sleep
  • Improved Digestion
  • Less Anxiety
  • Less Swelling and Bloating
  • Cravings Disappeared
  • Less Hunger
  • Good Mood
  • No Need for Mid-Day Naps
  • Increased Motivation to Keep Going
  • Being asked by another mom: "What exactly are you doing – you look amazing?!"

As a 38 year old busy working mom, I found myself stuck as far as weight loss and health goes. I’m guilty of jumping on the bandwagon of the latest diet trends and I did enter into this process a bit skeptical … not even sure if I would last the entire 14 days. I decided to give it a chance and see what it felt like to kick some addictions including caffeine, sugar, and sigh … pasta. I followed Angelle’s direction at kicking the caffeine habit pre-cleanse. I feel that helped me to be successful as my withdrawal symptoms had subsided by Day 1 of the cleanse. During the cleanse I followed it very closely and was absolutely amazed at the changes I experienced in such a short time. Headaches gone. Bloating gone. Mid-day fatigue gone. It sure didn’t hurt that I lost 10 pounds along the way. As a busy mom of 2 active boys I was desperate for a way to serve nutrient rich meals that everyone would like. Angelle passed on to me a very simple equation for feeding myself and my family REAL foods for maximum health benefits. If you commit to a little time for planning and changing the way you think about food you can do this too! Give yourself 14 days … you won’t be sorry. -Christina Puz, Mom of 2 {has now lost 45+ pounds following this way of eating!}

Moms have asked me for a long time to support them in a healthy detox and finally I can offer a program that is HEALTHY and WORKS! I’m not a believer in unhealthy quick fixes, but I am a believer in quick AND lasting results. This plan will give you both quick health benefits and the education and support to keep going. What do you get along with those benefits listed in the box above?   Once the 14 days begins you'll get an email from me every evening. It details the next day's plan and BONUS learning that will help your whole family. Plus it will have the inspiration you need to reach your goals for the cleanse. ($926 retail value if we worked together in one-to-one coaching.) You'll also receive:
  • Three emails the week prior to the start date to help you get ready for your 14 Day Plan. You will get information & tips to set you up for success.
  • The week prior to the start date you will receive the eGuide that has everything you need - a menu plan, recipes, shopping guide and detox/drainage support ideas. The recipes are always a huge hit and are family friendly. Here's a sample Fall/Winter Menu Plan and a sample Spring/Summer Menu Plan. PLUS BONUS recipes for those of you who have already done the 14 days and want more plan-friendly recipes.
  • An invitation to a private Facebook Group (for life!) where I will be posting information, inspiration, support and and answering questions along with connecting you with the other moms in the group - and you get the lifetime support of the group AFTER the cleanse is over (invaluable!).
  • Once the 14 days begin, you'll receive a daily email from me. It details the next day's plan and has BONUS learning to help your whole family. Plus it will have the inspiration you need to reach your goals.
  • Support from REAL food and REAL fitness experts. You will have access to live and recorded calls about fitness, emotional eating, gut health and more!
14daycleanse_products_webAlso included in your program (shipped to you as soon as you register):
  • 18 bottles of Beyond Organic's 3-day SueroViv, (click link to read nutritional information) a cultured whey (dairy) drink with probiotics and potassium that supports cellular detoxing for the liquid part of the program on Days 3, 4, and 5
  • 6 bottles of Beyond Organic's Amasai, (click link to read nutritional information) an easily digested probiotic-rich drink from traditional species of grass-fed cows (and is one of my secret-weapons for feeling great all morning) to use as a base for your smoothie recipes during the program. Even for people who normally don't tolerate dairy well, this old-world cultured dairy with a specific type of protein, has not only been well-digested and tolerated but with it's 30+ strains of probiotics and healthy fat, it supports an overall healthy digestive system and body.
  • 1 bottle of Beyond Organic's Sacred Herbs, (click link to read nutritional information) a fermented herbal supplement that supports less inflammation and healthy digestion!
  • Your box of goodies ($160+ retail value!) will be on your doorstep at no additional charge.

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What's this all worth?

What's it worth to you to have amazing energy, no more cravings, be at your healthiest weight, not have to spend money on prescription meds, have comfortable joints, healthier blood sugar levels and blood pressure, not to mention having clear eyes and glowing skin? Based on the hundreds and hundreds of life-changing testimonials I've received I'd bet money that you'll say this program is priceless. With the coaching, education and products it's definitely worth over $1200. However I'm not charging you that much because I want as many busy moms and others to get REAL with their health  as possible. That's why this program is just $189. I get that this might be a lot of money for you. Think of it as an investment in yourself and in your family. You have one life to live. You have a limited amount of time with your kids at home. Invest in yourself now and change your health path and your family's forever. This will be the best health insurance plan you can ever purchase. Promise.

I am offering this 14-Day Get REAL Cleanse year round.

You can register and pay below. I will email you everything you need, order your products and you can pick you own start date!

(NOTE: Whether doing this with a group or on your own I will order products for you and the cost of the whole program is $189. If you are planning on ordering the products on your own or through someone else who his referring you and would like to participate in the 14 Day Get REAL Challenge,  click HERE to purchase the coaching package for $39.00. Do NOT pay the $39 if you are having me order your products because the coaching package is included in the the $189. The $39 option is only for people ordering products on their own. Products you need to order are: one 6-pack of plain Amasai (USBY0001), one bottle of Terrain Sacred Herbs (USBY800106) and one SueroViv Bronze  Cleanse (USBY0017).

Your eGuide and invitation to the private Facebook Community will be delivered to you as soon as you complete Steps 1 and 2 below. You'll have everything you need to get started!

Two Steps to Sign-Up:

1. PAY:  Please click HERE or pink image just below to be redirected to Paypal and pay to join the next session.

2. REGISTER: After paying, please click HERE to fill out this short registration form. You should receive an automatic email asking you to confirm your request to join the mailing list for the 14 Day Get REAL Cleanse. Please confirm it immediately so that you will receive all email correspondence. Thank you!

*Cleanse is available only in the contiguous 48 states due to not being able to ship food-based products to Alaska, Hawaii and out of the country. The Beyond Organic products for my 14 Day Get REAL Plan are ordered through a company called Youngevity. You will have a Youngevity account and receive emails from Youngevity and can opt-out at the bottom if you'd like.

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New and Good? Day 14! Did it! I am so happy I decided to do this cleanse. As someone previously posted, I don't really feel like it's over because I plan on continuing! I will introduce a few things back in and eat more than smoothies for dinner ...just sayin' ...but I am so addicted to the way I feel now that there is no turning back. I was in kind of rut when Angelle told me about the cleanse. Always exhausted, scattered, emotional and definitely not eating REAL. Two cups of coffee with cream and sugar was a standard breakfast and maybe I would eat something by 11am. I would go hours without eating in the afternoon and have a huge dinner at night because I'd be starving. I have to be honest, Days 1-4 on the cleanse were rough... caffeine headaches, fatigue and let's just say SueroViv days had me feeling less than encouraged. I don't think I would have quit but I was close. Angelle was always there for me to answer questions and listen to my concerns. She always reminded me to trust the process. Then, something just turned over in me. Around day 5 I started noticing some huge changes....more patience, more energy, clearer head, less anxiety. I had posted this before but it's worth mentioning again. I have worked with Angelle for the last couple of years. She has helped me make changes in my son's diet and I had witnessed the incredible changes in HIM, as a result. I knew that I should make some of those same changes but never got around to doing it...always too busy, didn't feel like I could do it, not ready. Always an excuse! I couldn't be happier I finally did it. I am so proud of myself for completing it and completing it well! I've lost 7lbs and I feel better than I have in years. I have learned so much and can't wait to learn more! I have enjoyed making the new recipes and finally have a handle on how to meal plan. It has also brought my husband and I closer together because he did it with me. He's down 10lbs and has felt some dramatic effects too. Thank you, Angelle, I will be forever grateful to you. For those of you that just are still cleansing or have just begun, keep going and trust the process! You can do it! -Carissa McKanna, Mom of 1