Are you ready nourish your body & spirit in simply delicious ways?

I thought so!

Which is why you need to join us for the smoothie-sippin’, cravings-bustin’, soul-stirrin’ 14-Day Reset Experience!

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Before the 14 day reset was an emotional eater and craved carbs, sugar, and diet soda. During the reset all of my cravings went away and I learned so much about why I have the cravings I have. I also lost 14 pounds. Now that I have completed the cleanse, before I eat anything not in the “plan” I have the right tools to help me decide if it is worth it. My entire relationship with food has changed and I have a much healthier perspective of my body, and food in general.
— Tonya Grotenhuis
This reset completely changed everything- emotionally, spiritually, and physically. I’m no longer suffering gout pain, heartburn or headaches, and my pms has diminished! I was so hormonally imbalanced. I was always tired and grumpy with little to no energy. I have 3 young kids and I’m 45. I don’t have time for fatigue or menopause! I feel calmer, more focused and truly filled with gratitude and joy.
— Dionne
Before the reset I didn’t know my stress could be helped. I thought it was just part of life as a busy, working mom. This reset gave me tools to nourish my body and my mind. The support we got during and after this cleanse was/is priceless. The information through the daily emails, Facebook group and calls was amazing and so helpful and insightful. I thought I was doing this just for my body. To feel better physically. But I got so much more than that. I have more joy, more calm in the everyday chaos and more tools to make good, real choices for me and my family.
— Marla H.
Before the reset I turned to food as my “support”. I was low on energy & patience and I was kind of just letting myself go. During the reset I was encouraged to lean into what I was feeling & experiencing; to feel the uncomfortable feelings, to go deeper. I also learned that REAL food can be delicious & satisfying. That I can find fulfillment & enjoyment in the present day-to-day, not just food. After the reset, I’m realizing I have a long way to go with my relationship to food, but I now have tools to help me as I journey.
— Heather Olivier